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Task-it-Down Marketplace

Well What is Task-it-Down, then? To be frank, it’s a massive deal for us!
Why? At Dusk to Dawn, we are well aware of the never-ending challenging task of finding the right person for the right job!

As a result, with the premier launch of our Task-it-Down Market Place, you won’t have to figure out how to find the best talent, how to throw project criteria over a wall, how to manage several go-betweens overseeing your team, or how to pay a flat project fee. We step in and help you with all of that!

Your team will collaborate with an exceptional freelancer who will communicate with your team in the same way that an actual team member working from home would.

We take the guesswork out of finding the perfect match and provide you with all the goods in exchange. Therefore, stay tuned for additional release information and keep up with the counter below to the release of Task-it-Down Market place.

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Task -IT-Down marketplace is our premier freelance professionals and is set to launch in just 90 days! From seasoned freelancers to large teams, sales in the millions each year. Task-IT-Down itself has a convenient forum to find and employ many professional contractors. Are you looking for your next contract position? Let us get to know you! Submit your information on our contact us tab, and we will be in touch!